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    With a new photographers popping up on every corner, your decision is getting increasingly more time-consuming and challenging as you're trying to weed through them all to find the right fit for your family. And choosing a newborn photographer is especially something to take seriously - the safety of your newborn should not be compromised for a single moment, and capturing your baby's fleeting newborn features in a beautiful, timeless way is of utmost importance.

    The experience that you will have with me, for any type of session that I offer, will be saturated in excellence, passion and care, from the first inquiry, til your precious art is hanging in your home. Photography is becoming a commodity, but these moments with your loved ones are not. They deserve excellence.

Johnny <3 That sweet little face! This little guy is one of my First Year babies – I LOVE watching him grow!!

He was a stickler with his smiles last night, but he did give me this big grin. Love his little toofers!

Lashes for days… Why is it that boys always get the best lashes?

This was at the end of our session and we were technically done shooting, but I loved the way the light was shining on him and his Momma watching Daddy walk down the path.


Can’t wait for your big first birthday shoot next Johnny!! xoxo – Lindsay

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Okay, I was inspired to write this blog post because over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to pin-point what it is that makes my work different. I know that it is because ya’ll keep booking me and it’s not because I’m cheap. So I’ve been really trying to figure out what it is and I think I have… However, a portrait session is a collaboration between myself and your family – so one part me and whatever my secret-sauce is, and one part you and your correct expectations and attitude. I’m going to walk you through this session real fast first so you can get an idea of what in the world I’m talking about and then I’ll bring it all together at the end.

These first two images all happen within the first 35-40 SECONDS of the session when your children are still in that “I’m in a new environment with a new person, so I’m going to proceed with caution and try to contain my free spirit for a moment” stage. I act fast on this, because you’d better believe a posed family shot isn’t happening once free-spirit overcomes them. And when I say “posed” I really mean something more like “directed”. “Posed” is one of those words that is in the same file as “Cheese” and it makes me cringe a little. So I don’t pose anyone, I direct them:)

Oh, to get her attention I was running up to her and tickling her and then lunging backwards to get the whole family in frame and then take the shot. (And then my husband asks me to go to the gym with him, really?) And lucky me, little brother thought it was pretty funny too.

Okay, 35-40 seconds are over and free-spirit has taken over her wiggly, slippery, unnaturally strong, toddler-shaped body. In this moment, an exclamation point forms over my head and I have to act fast – I grab an apple (off the ground, we don’t pick them off the trees) and I start throwing it really high into the air and catching it (I’m sure making some pretty cool sound effects) – the whole display amuses them and we’ve stretched our 40 second directed family shot window to 70 seconds before free-spirit realizes it’s been tricked into sitting still.

More throwing apples and tickling after I noticed she sat herself in a chair. A rare and fleeting phenomenon among toddlers.

This face. Oh my heart. All I have to do is look at this kid and he laughs. I’m fairly certain he just thinks my faux-hawk is funny looking. Whatever works.

And I just threw this in because Mom is so incredibly beautiful. Love just radiates from her whole face.

For this image, she was running FULL SPEED through the orchard rows. Nope, I need to clarify further – this beautiful, girl/cheetah hybrid was sprinting FULL SPEED through the bumpy terrain of the orchard rows. Glamorously, I might add. I, however, was sweating bullets in my attempt to get ahead of her for the shot.

I then had to sheep-dog-herd her towards the rest of her family for this next shot. Luckily, Super-Dad caught her and proceeded to throw her in the air (occupy her) while I’m saying “Okay, now face more to the right -errr eh, right there, now back up KEEP THROWING HER, okay perfect!”

Then, a moment of stillness occurred, which is what happens after a bout of cheetah-sprinting and being thrown into the air, and she flashed me this face. And I just about died. She.is.precious. And never fear, she was back to cheetah-sprinting after this .003432 second of stillness.


And back to Mr Handsome laughing at my hair. 

But let me stop you for one minute and let you notice THE LIGHT. This light occurs just a few minutes before sunset. We call it “Golden Hour”. I’m extremely flexible and easy-going for everything, EXCEPT the light. This is the light that is the icing on the magic cake. YOU NEED IT. And that’s why I schedule your outdoor sessions for in the evening.


All of this to say, your family is magical. Your children are magical. Let them be, and just be together. You undoubtedly chose me as your child and family photographer because you saw something different in my work, and it is this: I believe in the beauty and magic of ordinary moments, I know where to find the magic and coax it out of you and your children, and I know how to set the stage for magic to happen all on it’s own.

Here’s your part: realize that your young children do not want to sit still and pose for the duration of your session. Making them do so against their will, will inevitably squash any magic they would have radiated on their own in that moment and it will absolutely stress you out. The more stressed you are, the more your children will resist, and that is a terrible picture day friends. Even if you have older children who can take direction, my focus is to capture real moments of your family interacting. Pretty faces all lined up makes a nice picture, but without emotion behind it, that’s all it is. We want real memories. <–this is the expectations part. And here is the attitude part: literally all you have to do is enjoy your family. Snuggle your babies, love on your spouse, play together. And I’ll be there to capture everything.

xoxo – Lindsay


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Lillian was the sweetest girl for her newborn session. She loved to be all squished up! If you’d like to see more of my recent work you can check out my Facebook Page and be sure to “like” it to stay up to date with my availability. And remember that your newborn session needs to be secured well before your little one arrives!


xoxo – Lindsay

Boardman Ohio Newborn Photographer

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Kallen was so good to me on his session day. Bless his sweet little heart <3

For more of my recent work please visit my Facebook Page, and be sure to “like” it to stay up to day with my availability, special events and promotions!



xoxo – Lindsay


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