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    With a new photographers popping up on every corner, your decision is getting increasingly more time-consuming and challenging as you're trying to weed through them all to find the right fit for your family. And choosing a newborn photographer is especially something to take seriously - the safety of your newborn should not be compromised for a single moment, and capturing your baby's fleeting newborn features in a beautiful, timeless way is of utmost importance.

    The experience that you will have with me, for any type of session that I offer, will be saturated in excellence, passion and care, from the first inquiry, til your precious art is hanging in your home. Photography is becoming a commodity, but these moments with your loved ones are not. They deserve excellence.

These could be my favorite maternity pics, ever. I LOVE lifestyle sessions, every time I shoot them I think, why am I not shooting these more often?! Anyways, this Momma is the very talented Tara behind Farmhouse Blooms by Fodor Tree Farm [make sure you follow them on Facebook here] – her floral halo for this session is her own beautiful creation. She and her husband, Jon (also very talented), are expecting their first baby and I’m SO EXCITED for them!!


We were lucky enough to sneak out for a few minutes when it stopped raining to snag this shot. We were ankle deep in mud, but it was worth it:)


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These teeny little babies grew into little boys and I don’t know how it happened!! Jackson & Mason are 8 months old now. I LOVE watching them grow <3


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I have a VERY special business feature to share with you all today!! Beautiful Babies 3D/4D Ultrasound moved into the suite immediately next to mine!! I keep saying all we need is prenatal yoga in this building and we’ll be set!

Marcy Pink is the owner of Beautiful Babies and she is so generous to offer $20 OFF a service to anyone who mentions seeing her feature on my blog/facebook:)Keep reading for my interview with Marcy and more pictures of her beautiful space.



Can you tell us a little bit about 3D/4D ultrasounds and what that experience is like? When you come for a 3d/4d ultrasound you will be utterly surprised when you see your baby.  You will be able to see your baby’s face and who it will take after in the family.  You will be able to see your baby move, kick, and even suck its thumb.  I love when my clients bring extended family so everyone gets to experience the pure joy of seeing the baby.
What are some of the products that you offer your clients as a result of their ultrasound images/video/audio?  Everyone that comes for an ultrasound will receive up to 10 pictures printed out and a flash drive with additional pictures to share with family and friends.  I also offer heartbeat stuffed animals at an additional charge. It’s so amazing to have a stuffed animal with your baby’s heartbeat in it.
When is a good time to get an 3D/4D ultrasound done? And how far in advance should you book?  I offer two different packages.  The first package is a gender reveal package and it can be scheduled starting at 17 weeks.  The second package is a 3d/4d ultrasound and I recommend having them done around 30 weeks, though, we can do them anytime from 26-34 weeks.  I try to accommodate everyone’s schedule so I offer day, evening, and weekend appointments.  It’s best to call at least a week or two in advance to get a time that works best for you.
What do you love the very most about your job and the experience you’re able to bring to your clients? I have been doing ultrasound for the past 12 years and watching the babies continues to get more enjoyable.  It is so amazing to me seeing them in the womb with personalities.  Getting a smile from a baby during an ultrasound will not just make your day it will make your week.





You can contact and follow Marcy at the information below:

(330) 314-2425

6960 Market St.
Suite 5
Boardman, OH 44512




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This is sweet, sweet Tucker – I just LOVE him. His cheeks, his hair, his squishy lips. He’s beautiful. And this is my favorite of him in his Daddy’s hands <3

I book newborn due dates out 3-6 months in advance – for session information you can hit the “Inquire” tab above:)I also offer Maternity, Fresh 48 and Grow With Me Collections.




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Hello, Lovelies – I’ll be writing today about how to get the most out of your newborn session.  This is actually the 3rd of this series of blog posts – you can read the Child/Family version here and the Product version here. Some of these topics will be specific to my studio, procedures, style and point of view – but even if you haven’t chosen me to be your newborn photographer – there might be some helpful tidbits in here for you regardless.

First I’ll be addressing some frequently asked questions:

I’m not due for another 6 months – how am I able to schedule a newborn session when I don’t know when my baby will be here? Babies tend to come whenever they feel like it – they might come before their due date or well after their due date, even if you have a scheduled induction or c-section – baby might have other plans. What we do is schedule your due date, and then I’m “on call” for your session. You’ll contact me within 48 hours of baby being born to set up your actual session date and time which will take place when baby is between 5-10 days old.

I didn’t know that I had to schedule my newborn session before my baby is even born – why is that? I take a certain number of babies due each month. Each newborn session comes with a number of hours that goes into prepping for the session, editing the images from the session and preparing your image gallery for viewing. I take a limited number to allow for the workload each newborn entails so that I can meet my deadline for each client. The other very important reason is that there is a very small window for a newborn session – it has to be done before baby reaches 2 weeks old, though I prefer to do before 10 days old. After this point, they start to become more alert and stretched out of their default fetal position – I need very sleepy, flexible babies to get them into all of the sweet womb-like poses you see in my work.

What do I need to bring for the session? You need to bring the baby, a means to feed the baby, and maybe a receiving blanket and a pacifier and that’s it. I provide all of the accessories – hats, headbands, little pants, rompers etc. I have vendors that specialize in making high-end props, accessories and clothing made to fit newborns properly, and made to photograph perfectly. Newborn clothes that you can buy in the store are not flattering for your studio newborn pictures. I do make exceptions for tightly fitting sleepers for lifestyle (in-home) sessions only. If you have a sentimental item such as a quilt or wedding veil or Daddy’s police uniform, etc that you would like to incorporate into the session, absolutely bring it with you and I will do my very best to work it into your session in a tasteful, beautiful way.


Should I send you pictures of newborn photo ideas that I found on Pinterest? Haha..oh boy. I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. How can an expectant mother be expected to NOT look at newborn photos on Pinterest – I get it. There ARE some great examples on Pinterest, and then there are some really terrible, cheesy and unsafe examples on Pinterest. So, if there’s something that you really, really love the idea of – by all means, send me a link (please limit yourself to just two or three lol) and I will work out a way to give you a similar, and hopefully much better version of it. HOWEVER, I’m assuming if you’ve hired me, you’ve done so because you love my work and I hope you’ll trust me to give you even better than “Pinterest-worthy” photos of your new baby.

Now, let’s wrap this all together with WHY you’re getting newborn pictures done. Thanks to Pinterest and Buzzfeed and other internet portals, we’ve all seen just what can be done with newborns. Please understand, that just because we CAN, doesn’t mean we SHOULD. Sure, I’ll turn your newborn into a mermaid – if you have a mermaid themed nursery for her. I’ll hang your baby from an apple tree branch – if your family owns an apple orchard and that’s something special and significant to you. I will SAFELY create an image of your newborn baby in a glass bowl filled with candy – if you’re a candy shop owner. See what I’m saying? As photographers, and sometimes parents, we tend to take advantage of a newborn’s teeny, squishy, flexible form and photograph them in crazy, albeit, creative ways just because we can and it’s cool and not because it holds emotional value.

Now let’s say that I agreed to photograph your baby in every cool scenario we could imagine – on the beach in her mermaid tail, hanging from a rainbow, coming out the top of a tier of cupcakes with a cherry on his head. Where would you even display those pictures? Do you have cupcake wallpaper in your foyer? A beach themed hallway? RAINBOWS??

I create these images for you so that you can display them beautifully in your home. I make them versatile so that if you repaint or remodel or move houses, you’ll always have a place to hang these pictures that tug on your heart every time you pass by them. I create them so that they’re timeless – when you look back on them in 20 years, you won’t be distracted by whatever the trend was back when – all you’ll see is your beautiful baby.

Your newborn pictures should be about your newborn. Their tiny noses, wrinkly feet, the peach fuzz on their ears. They’re for you to remember just how small they were in your arms, how much hair they had, what their breath felt like when you held them against your chest and how sweet they smelled to you.

Newborn photography is really, really cool – but let’s stay focused on what matters.


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