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    With a new photographers popping up on every corner, your decision is getting increasingly more time-consuming and challenging as you're trying to weed through them all to find the right fit for your family. And choosing a newborn photographer is especially something to take seriously - the safety of your newborn should not be compromised for a single moment, and capturing your baby's fleeting newborn features in a beautiful, timeless way is of utmost importance.

    The experience that you will have with me, for any type of session that I offer, will be saturated in excellence, passion and care, from the first inquiry, til your precious art is hanging in your home. Photography is becoming a commodity, but these moments with your loved ones are not. They deserve excellence.

Little Camden <3 I did his brother’s newborn pics about 2 years ago – they would look exactly alike in their newborn pictures if it wasn’t for Camden’s chub! Roll after roll of squishy, adorable newborn chub.

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Sweet Milan, he was SO good to me for his session yesterday. Look at all of his amazing hair!! I could have snuggled him all day <3

I’m currently booking February – July 2015 due dates, so if you’re due in this timeframe, now is the time to get on my schedule!:)

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I caught up with Kate from Sweet Surprise Cookies in her own dining room where all the magic happens! I met Kate for the first time when I photographed her newborn triplets! She is such a beautiful person, inside and out and I am so in awe of her incredible talent! Keep scrolling for my interview with her, contact information so you can use her for your next special occasion and more pictures!

When was the first time you played around with decorating cookies? How did it transform into a (very successful) business for you?

Decorating sugar cookies started at a  young age for me.  My mom was always the person known for making cookies during Christmas, any kind of cookie including sugar cookies.  Everyone wanted her cookies.  She enjoyed baking sugar cookies but she didn’t enjoy the decorating part as much.  Over the years she would put me in charge of decorating them.  I would decorate cookies off and on over the years but it wasn’t until after the triplets were born that I really discovered the passion to decorate.  I needed to have that creative outlet aside from work and family.  In 2013 I really started to do my own research on decorating/baking tips because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the final product.  I practiced ALOT that year.  I would sell cookies here and there to friends and family.   It wasn’t until March 2014 that I decided to take the plunge and start a Facebook page to sell cookies to the public. 

 The designs that you do require so much patience and attention to detail! Out of all the designs you’ve made so far, do you have a favorite?

The designs I enjoy the most are the ones that allow me more creative freedom.  One of the first sets I really enjoyed doing and that the client allowed me creative freedom was a set of cookies for a family who was going on a camping trip for the weekend.  The mom wanted to surprise her family with camping themed cookies.

 I know that for most of your work, your clients tell you what they want, but when you get to have some creative freedom where do you get the inspirations for your designs?

There are many places I get my inspiration from.  There is a huge online “family” of cookies artists that I get inspiration from.  Online is another place I like to explore and get inspiration from.  I get inspiration from my kids clothes, fabrics, greeting cards, decorations for the house, etc.  Honestly, it can be a sickness because a lot of what I see can turn into a cookie inspiration:)

I always try to add my own design elements, just from my own creative process.  

I think it’s pretty clear to people that they can acquire your services for traditional reasons like birthday parties, baby showers, etc. But are there some more non-traditional reasons or occasions that people have used your services for? 

*Family camping trip cookies

*Long distance relationship cookies
*A friend of mine got cookies for her grandson to help celebrate their upcoming trip to Disney.
*Breast cancer survivor celebration
*Cookies for a book club treat
*Trolley ride admit one tickets
Just so the readers can plan ahead, how far in advance do you usually book up?

I typically tell people I would try to contact me a few months before the date needed, as soon as possible is preferred.  My slots are limited so they can fill up quickly.

The place to reach Kate is on Facebook :

Facebook likes are always appreciated:)
She can also be contacted via email:

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This feature is showcasing the beautiful farm dinner done by Danny and Jon & Tara of Fodor Tree Farm for some of their special clients. We actually captured it in two parts, first I caught up with Danny at his store in Boardman, OH to capture some of the prep work done by his staff and later on in the blog post you’ll see it all put together at the farm! And it’s gorgeous, so keep scrolling! The food was all done by Catullo Prime Meets, the location is Fodor Tree Farm, the flowers done by Tara herself and the gorgeous dining tables made by Jon!


Tell me a little bit about the history of Catullo Prime Meats, how did it come to be?
In the 1960’s, my grandfather Danny Catullo (my namesake) bought a butcher shop called Gainard and Price with a partner. In 1984, he decided to open his own store with his two sons Joe and Stan (my father). It was at this store, located in Youngstown’s South Side, that I got my start learning the business when I turned 14. Learning how to cut meat and to help our customers plan meals from my grandpa was an invaluable experience. I still have vivid memories of that store; smoking hams with my dad, learning how to rope sausage with my Uncle, and talking food with many of the same families of customers that I take care of even today.

When I came to your store and got to observe you working with your staff, there was a level of passion that I was not expecting to see come out of a butcher shop – and not that I have any knowledge whatsoever about your profession, I was still impressed, not just with your passion but also the incredible high standard you have for your product and your customer experience as well. Can you talk a little bit more to that so everyone can get a better understanding of what I got to see from you and your staff during this project?
I am very lucky to do what I love. Although it’s stressful at times, I can’t imagine being anything else. I think that, for any entrepreneur, harnessing our passion and using it to make our product and service should be something we strive for. It’s important to my vision extended to my team so they understand how important it is to use only the highest quality ingredients in every aspect of my store. It’s simply not enough to just say I want to use the best. We are constantly pushing the culinary boundaries while trying to make our kitchen as well-known as our butcher shop.

As far as my wonderful staff, I can’t be happier with our system to put people in a position to be successful. I’ve learned so much since I became the owner when I was 25. Sharing my goals with the team and letting the staff help me come up with creative ways to achieve them has to be one of the most rewarding lessons. When things start to click, like they did during your filming session, we do get excited like little kids. But when you are creating dishes like Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with crumbled Apple Pie Bacon and a Local Salad with oven roasted balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes, fire roasted peppers, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and feta cheese…. Well you get the point!

This day in particular you were preparing for an incredible event that you put together along with Fodor Tree Farm (Readers, please click here to see the feature for that *amazing* event). Tell us more about your events and the other services you offer.
We offer many events throughout the year that you can get tickets to go to. Our butcher classes, cooking lessons and farm dinners (like the event at Fodor Tree Farm) are so much fun to put on as well as getting to put out some amazing local food. We just started our Event Catering this year. You can now have us put on your party in almost any location. From our BBQ smokehouse featuring our Smoked Pulled Pork to our Prime Steakhouse menu with our Aged Prime Rib Roast, we can tailor almost any menu to your taste buds. Pickup and just delivery is also available.

At the farm! Danny & his wife, Kelli

Jon & Tara

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