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Newborn Collections starting at $450. Please contact me through the Book Now tab to receive a session guide so you can look over newborn collection options.

Newborn sessions are so different from any other session you will experience, so, here are some tips to help you to be well-prepared to maximize the success of your newborn session. As always, please know that your infant’s safety is my number one priority.

Things you should know:

•Newborns sessions must take place within 5-10 days of the baby being born. After this time frame, they become too alert and start to stretch out of their default fetal position. For this reason, it’s best to book your newborn session months ahead of time! Once your session fee is paid, I’m officially on call for your session. Your due date will go in my calendar and you’ll be guaranteed a session with me no matter when baby decides to arrive as long as you notify me within 48 hours of baby being born.

•The shooting room is set at 90 degrees! This keeps the baby safe and sleepy – just be sure to dress yourself appropriately or bring clothes to change into if you’re planning to do family pictures.

•Newborns can not be posed in regular clothes. I have a full inventory of accessories made by special vendors that I’ll use for your session.  You are welcome to bring your own accessories, toys, special blankets, etc., that you would like incorporated into your images, just please be aware that some fabrics, textures and colors don’t photograph well. You might consider sending me a photo ahead of time, especially if it’s a purchase you’re making specifically for your session.

•Yes, your newborn will probably poo and pee all over myself and my stuff. It’s okay:)

•My clients love to see behind the scenes images, so you’re welcome to take some cell phone shots while I’m working with your little one – be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

Things you should do:

•Please try to keep your newborn awake as much as you can in the hours before your session. I will ask you to bathe your baby before you come and give them a FULL feeding before popping them into the car. We want them to be in a deep milk coma so that I can get right to work setting them up in sweet poses.

•Bring extra bottles if you’re bottle feeding.

•I will coordinate every detail of your session the day before your session, so if there is something specific you want incorporated- you must let me know ahead of time. Tell me ahead of time if there is a specific shot you would like to capture or specific props you would like to use. Also tell me if there are certain color schemes you’d like to work with, keeping in mind where you would like to display your images.

•Tell me ahead of time if you plan to do family/sibling shots.

NEWBORN POLICIES: Only the mother and father of the infant will be allowed in the shooting room during the session. All siblings and other relatives must leave after their part of the session is over. If the session is taking place in your home, please plan a guardian to occupy siblings in another part of your home. Please understand that all of my tips and policies are to maximize the success of your session and to allow me to work most efficiently. Thank you for your cooperation!

I so look forward to talking with you about the specifics of your session. Thank you in advance for choosing me to document this precious time in your family’s life!

xoxo – Lindsay




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